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Living & Garden - Gamma, Karwei Loungesets - 123 Items, Total Retail €31.173

11 IG pallets - 1 FTL

Customer Returns
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  • Custom Badge Customer Returns
  • Retail Value 31,173.00
  • # Listing Items 123
  • Amount of pallets 11
  • Condition Uninspected Returns
  • External Auction No
  • Item # 5324712
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Items cannot be sold within the Benelux. Transport costs will be calculated after auction has been won and the address is confirmed. The auction contains 11 IG pallets (1 IG pallet is 2 Europallets). 1 FTL can fit 11 IG pallets maximum.

*Please download the manifest for a full overview of products in this auction.*


Uninspected returns: Can include products of any quality, including salvage. 

It's estimated that the merchandise has (minimal) signs of use or damage from handling and/or customer exposure. It can range from scratches and packaging dents to missing parts. Due to the nature of returns in this category, furniture may be incomplete.

A pallet with furniture may take up 2 or more pallet places. Pick-up is preferred.

Estimation of transportation costs from Kallo, Belgium:

  • Netherlands: TBD
  • Belgium: TBD
  • Germany: TBD

Due to distance, changing fuel prices, and varying pallet sizes, transportation costs can change. Prices are only an estimation; they will be confirmed by our logistics department after an auction has been won. A pallet fee of 8 EUR/pallet will be added to the transportation invoice. A separate invoice with the pallet fees will be sent in case of a pick-up. Multiple won auctions cannot be combined into one shipment/invoice. Shipping needs to be paid and done per auction.

The total amount of the invoices must be paid within 3 business days of receiving the invoice. Storage costs per pallet per day will apply if payment or transport is delayed. After full payment is confirmed, we will coordinate the delivery. The address on your account will be used for shipping, unless you've informed us differently before payment. All unloading/auxiliary charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

Cannot be sold within the BeNeLux.

Please review our Terms & Conditions that you have signed and agreed at registration.

We currently only accept wire transfer. Payment instructions are being shared on each stock lot listing under the tab “Payment instructions”. As well, you will receive an email to your account once you have been the winning bidder. 

Payment will be due 3 days after the invoice has been generated. Storage costs per pallet per day will apply when the payment period has exceeded. 

Please allow our finance team 1 – 3 business days to process the payment.

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